Saturday, November 3, 2012

A House Update

Sorry friends and family, I've been so busy with house stuff that I've neglected to share any updates with y'all. My bad. It's actually with good intentions: I want to have multiple things to share, rather than just posting one thing at a time. I guess I'm different. So, with that said, here's a little update on our home and what's done so far, as of this very moment in time.

Adam's aunt graciously, oh so graciously, was willing to come and help me out for a weekend. We had ourselves a painting party and got done as much as we possibly could with amount of time I had her there. I'm so, so thankful that she came and helped jump start me into gear-I'm still recouping! Here's the progress we got done while she was here:

Rooms that are painted and done with:
  • Dining room
  • Living room
Rooms that are so close, you can taste it:
  • Master bedroom
  • Master bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Hallway
Since the prior owners thought it would be fun to paint every wall with the most atrociously bold or bright color possible, it's making the process take a little while longer. Plus the texture was terrible and it needed some sanding, which was unexpected.

After 2 coats of primer, the living room is completed. (Please excuse the pictures, the lighting is terrible in the house and it's usually dark when I'm finishing up and am thinking "oh snap. I need a picture.")

 **I just had to take a picture of the first brush strokes!!**

 **Living room colors: bumble bee and bay waves (gray). It's not as blue as it seems, just certain angles with certain lighting. It looks so much better in person!**

**Once I saw the living room with their colors, I decided to flow the bay waves into the dining room as well. The bay waves looks great with the crisp white window seals and trim!**

**Baxter decided he wanted to help out with some painting to (of course, right?!), so he got a bath after the weekend was over. I love my wet pup!!**

In other house news, we got a contractor from the church, and the ball is rolling. I got his name from the pastor at our church, I called him up and it's a fit. He does this for a ministry, which really makes me feel like God was orchestrating this. One of the main things he's helping us out with is fixing all the doors. Literally, the prior owners put in every single door wrong, in some shape or form. Either, they're on completely upside-down, there's not enough door frame for the door to close properly, or the door is 2 inches higher than it's supposed to be!! Anyways, he's already making progress with fixing them. By days end, they should all be working. YEAH!!

 **Hallway closet (without trim on yet)**

We also finally picked out our carpet and laminate flooring. We decided on carpet because we're in the mountain area, and who wants to step on a cold floor?! Not me! So carpet it is. Laminate will go in dining room and flow into kitchen/laundry area and the hallway leading up to the back bedrooms.

**Going with the gray on the right, since it will go nicely with the living room!**

 **Going with the laminate on the right. A lighter color to go with our lighter taste**

I also ordered our appliances today and they should arrive next weekend!! YEAH!!

Things are starting to roll. Already have my move out date picked out, just have to call and schedule it on Monday. So with that said, this next month is going to be busy, busy with trying to get everything done that I would like, in order to meet that date. 

This last week was the first time things started to seem overwhelming and unbearable, but mainly I think that was due to me slipping away from being with God, and making my intentional time with Him. However, He's still a gracious God and He always lets me know that He has my back. How? My mom randomly calls and asks how the process is coming along and says she's missing being close so she can help me out-she loves to paint! I get an email later in the day saying she's looking at costs for flights, and then she calls me later that night saying that she's booking a flight and bringing my aunt along with her! WOW. All in one day! There's God bringing me my reinforcement team, who will be here by the end of this next week!! Again, WOW!!! Then, the week after Thanksgiving, my father-in-law is coming down to help me out, and just finalized his ticket too. WOW. AND my friend Kylie has been helping me out, and things with the contractor fell into place. All of this was occurring, and yet I'm still here feeling overwhelmed. Guess I'm human, and we all have our days. 

Well, here's to looking up, knowing reinforcements are prepping to come, and God is always by my side. So glad He is! I think it's also helped that I actually got to talk to Adam today and hear his voice after not hearing it for 3 weeks. Have I ever mentioned I just LOVE his phone calls. They really do always come when I need them the most. <3 him="him" p="p">

Here's to looking forward to a girls afternoon with my girl Kylie tomorrow. SO NEEDING THIS!!! 

Hope you all are well, and can see that God is with you, putting things in place for you, even when you don't realize it at times. He has a master plan, that sometimes takes awhile for you to see. But it's in place, always in motion. Sometimes, you just have to have a bad day to be able to truly see things in His perspective.

Love to you all,


  1. SO fun to have girls days in the mist of a stressful time! But your place is looking awesome and I can't wait to see how you'll continue to make it a home :)LOVE YA

  2. This is awesome Jasmine! I'm glad some family could come out and help you. What you said there at the end reminded me of a verse I just read in Habakkuk where God is talking about his vision and says "if it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay" I love that! And I'm glad God showed you how he was working on your behalf :) I just love how He takes care of us :)

  3. @Kylie It sure is fun for any excuse for a girls day-especially amidst stress!

    @Della What a beautiful reminder in that verse. I'm going to have to read Habakkuk now! I am thankful that God is showing me more and more of just how he takes care of us, in little and big ways. When we say we love Him and want to follow Him, He always provides a way and reinforcements, it's just sometimes you have to look back and see that it was God who was orchestrating it all together!