Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Must Needed Return of Saturday Laughs

I'm a girl who doesn't mind insects. If they are bothering me or in my way, yes, I will politely kill them or try to "save" them. But if they aren't bothering me, well, so let them be. I'm not going to scream or cry that they are there. God created them (which at times I wonder if it is truly to annoy us, because you know, God does have a sense of humor) so we need to deal with them. However, there are times when I too will flip out over a spider. Not just any ol' spider, but a whopping humongous one that is living in my shed!!! Take a look at this bad boy (or girl. Are there sex's to spiders? Um, I can answer my own question--dumb me).

 It truly, truly scares me that this spider was calling our shed home. I mean, we don't live by the mountains and we don't live in South America. WHERE DID IT COME FROM?!!?! What scares me even more than that, is see that gray blanket behind the spider? I touched that blanket yesterday while packing up my car with things in the shed, and that is where I found it today. SCARY!! I could have died from this thing. What's even funnier is that I sent this picture to Adam and he replied back in his email, asking me "Did you kill that spider in the picture you sent me?" This was my response to him, verbatum. "HELL NO!! Did you see the size of that bad boy??!!?! There's no way I'm gonna try and mess with that thing! BUT I did try." (sorry for the use of word choice) Haha. Oh boys. Did he really think I would try and mess with this spider? I don't even think he would! haha

Well, I just had to share my laughing matter for the day. I feel like it was worth sharing, because I can at least laugh at myself, knowing this is silly.

Happy weekend all!

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