Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back in Commission

It's been a long time. A long, long time. I've been out of internet for 3 months, have had 3 different appointments (missed 2 of them: the first one their fault, the last one my fault), spoken to way too many technicians to count, and have gone into town to use the internet for important matters, far too many times to count. All of that changed yesterday, and I'm proud to announce: 

The AJ Zickefoose home now has land-line and wireless internet!!!!!!!!! 

It may not seem like the biggest deal, but it is. I mean I don't have cable so I'm stuck to watching my shows online. It took me way too long to catch up on my shows. Plus I felt disconnected to the world, even more so than living in the woods now. I didn't find out about the terrible event in Connecticut for 3 days after-and that was through facebook- not by the news. It was really weird. Although it taught me not to rely on the internet, it was no bueno. 

 I do have to say there is now a lot, I mean A.LOT of things to update my blogger followers about. Life has been crazy. There's been good moments and moments of growth, but there have been some tough times I've experienced since these 3+ months we've been apart. 

Within the next few days I will do as much updating as I can, with still maintaining my life, but I just wanted to let everyone know: all is well!! Talk to you soon--I mean it!!


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