Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Kitchen Full of Memories

So here is the post that everyone has been waiting for, an update on our house's progress. Today is your lucky day, because I'm going to start the treacherous process of catching you all up. So just a forewarning, this will take a couple posts to do. Instead of making it one big, never-ending post, I'll break it down for you. Which will also keep you on your toes and keep you wanting more updates! {tricky me} :D So let's begin, yet again.

Before I started this post, I looked back to see where I left off in my house updates, and I was surprised at where that actually was. My first house update was soooooo long ago, and it was only showing you what I had gotten done painting-wise, when Adam's aunt Marcie came down to be my treacherous painting partner for a October!!!!

Then, shortly after Adam's aunt left, I wrote another house update on how my Mom and my Aunt Sue came up to WA, very spontaneously, to help me out. I was/am so thankful for their tag-team effort and all the sweat and hard work they both put into our home; it was so fun to have them up here and it was such a blessing. But I have to pause right here in my tracks and really break that down and show you how much of a blessing that was for me. I couldn't carry on with the updates, and not mention what I'm about to say, so momentary pause on the house updates. 

Like I said, it was such a blessing having my Aunt Sue and my mom come up to help me with our home. I was shocked, quite frankly, that my Aunt Sue would willingly volunteer her time to come up here, but once she was here, I was glad that she came, for multiple reasons. She had a nack for house projects. She wanted to make sure that while they both were up here, that we all were getting done my agenda, and what was important to me, not what might be easier. She got the vibe that the kitchen was important to me, and we spent most of our time preparing the kitchen. I wasn't expecting at all that we paint the cabinets. I initially thought that we would just paint the walls of the kitchen and Adam and I would paint the cabinets once we remodeled the kitchen. False. My mom and Aunt put a lot of their sweat while I was at work that Friday into those cabinets. I couldn't have possibly foresaw at the beginning of their visit that we would have completed the whole kitchen. Nope, not in my wildest imagination. But we did. And quite frankly, I couldn't have gotten that done without them. Blessing #1 why I'm thankful they came. God knew I needed reinforcements to help me with our home, which why I'm so grateful that He had them in mind.

However, the reason why I am grateful the most, and am beyond blessed with their visit, is this was my last bonding time I had with my Aunt Sue, before she passed. I couldn't have imagined for one minute, that this would be my last, fondest memory that we would share together {not the last time I saw her, but good, quality time I had with her}. But God knew that I needed this, which I am so grateful for. 

My Aunt Sue suddenly passed in mid January, just before her anniversary with my Uncle, and her birthday. I still remember where I was in time, when my mom called me and told me the harsh, sudden news. I'm actually sitting exactly where I was when she told me; freaky. I still can't believe it. It still doesn't seem real. But it is, sadly. 

She was one of my favorite Aunts. Not only for the reason that her family was the closest in proximity to ours, and that we did a lot of things with her family, but because she had a great personality and view on life. She was sooo funny. And I put more than one o on so because she was just that: sooo funny! Her laugh was infectious and her jokes were just that: funny. You couldn't help but crack up along with her {if you weren't already doing so}. 

She was such a special Aunt, because she really made me feel special. She really fulfilled her role as an aunt with joy. Like I said previously, I didn't grow up with many of my aunts around, because most lived out of state, so that left her family and ours to be close. She had so many qualities that I could relate with: 

  • She was just the right amount of girlie for me. During our many trips to their cabin, we'd watch a chick flick, do facials, talk about boys, yet we still both loved to be outside in nature and go on long walks.
  • She held the spontenity, adventure, and fun I yearn for in my own life. One summer I spent 2 weeks at their house, while I did yard-work and chores to earn money for my mission trip. During that 2 week time, I think it was one of my cousin's birthdays and she took us all tee-peeing. I had never been before. I remember her telling me to go and cover a bush at the house. I went and covered it. She came over to me as I was just finishing and told me "That's not the right way, Jasmine!" I remember vividly thinking, "Is there a right way to cover a bush with toilet paper??!!?" Basically, she made me redo the bush the "proper" way. I remember thinking after this night, man she's so cool!! My mom would NEVER take me tee-peeing!! She was just that, so cool!
  • She had such a special way of being a giver. She was the best at giving gifts. I still have a lot of her gifts that she's given me over time. Example: when I turned 16, she took me out to pamper me for a day. She took me to the salon her niece worked at to get my hair done, and cut or style I wanted. Then we went to lunch at the Old Spaghetti Factory and had a delicious lunch and dessert. And after lunch she took me to Clinique to get a makeover, something I had never done before: get my makeup professionally done. It was the funnest day. She really made me feel special all around.
  • One of her greatest qualities, what that she loved God with all her heart, and a passion that was deep. The greatest gift that she ever gave me, happened to be this last Christmas. While she was visiting me in November, during one of our breaks from working on the house, she was asking me what I did as a quiet time with God. I told her that I was at a place where I really wanted to get back into it, but was very inconsistent. She told me that it doesn't matter when you do it, but to find a time when you are at your best during the day. Whether it be in the morning, on your break at work, in the afternoon, or at night. The time doesn't matter, but it's the fact that you are giving God a piece of your day, when you will be at your best. At Christmas, her gift to me was a one year devotional book and a one-year Bible. I never told anyone that I wanted those things for Christmas, but somehow she knew that that's not only what I wanted, but was something that I needed, most importantly. I am so blessed by that gift.

There are so many things in my life that she has left a big imprint on, whether it be memories or tangible things. For instance,  I have the memory her trip up her, the special 16th birthday I had, but also every time I look at the kitchen, I remember her. Everytime I turn into our drive way and see our house sign that she help me paint, I think of her. Everytime I read from my devotional book or bible, I think of grateful I am to have had someone in my life that led me closer to Him. I am so thankful that she left such an outstanding impression on me. Her memorial service was so beautiful, probably the most beautiful one I have ever been to, in that you could see the outpour of love she had for God in all the stories people shared, and in the fact that people were led to Him through her. Beautiful. I yearn for a faith as she had, and am so blessed to have been a part of her life. I'm truly missing her! I'm currently working on a memorial shelf in our house for her tribute, can't wait to complete.

Anyways, sorry if you weren't expecting that, but I had to share that, being that that is where I'm at in the updating process. So in light of what she helped me with, the kitchen, I'll show you all how the kitchen is decorated thus far {it's almost complete--decoration wise}.

 **Of course I've gotten up all magnets!!**

 **Heart decor above the cabinets with a messy counter**

**Clean counter**

 **My DIY Spice rack. I'm absolutely in love with it!! 
{my next post will have this project link :D}**

**Window sill of antique bottles. Swoon**

**Updated window sill, --put rocks in one of 'em! and a glance at the Cardinal bird 
my dad drew for me as a Christmas gift!**

The kitchen is coming along, just a few more decoration projects on my list, and then it's pretty complete!! Lovin' it's look thus far!

So happy I have a kitchen full or memories!


  1. i'm so sorry for your loss but so glad that she was a Christian and you got that special time with her before the Lord called her home <3 loving your beautiful house! So happy for you and Adam!