Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY Spice Rack

This is the Spice Rack that I finally introduced you all to on my last post. It was a project that has been on my project list for awhile now--and so glad that I got a chance to {finally} get it done!

I found the tutorial here. Yup, if you clicked the link, then you can see that the orginal instructions are in German {so glad that my 4+ years of German came in handy!!}. But friends, DON'T BE SCARED!!! if you're interested in doing this project, just follow the pictures, because they explain it clear as day--seriously!! BUT, if you are like me and like to use what you have to make things work, then you can do this project the way I did. So simple

Items needed:

  1. A shelf {I used 2 different shelves to configure this shelf: a wooden one for the shelf itself {that my husband had before we were married} and used these spunky brackets I got from Ikea 2 trips ago--which I still saw there during my last trip!! I painted the wood white to match my kitchen scheme, and BAM! Together, I think they're rad!}
  2. Jars {Now depending on how many jars you want to hang, will depend on how many jars you need. But when collecting your jars, different sizes really is the key to the whole look of this rack.}
  3. Small Nails {Again, depending on how many jars you want to go with, depends on how many nails you'll need. But when you figure out how many jars you want, times that number by 2, because you'll need 2 small nails PER jar.}
  4. Screws for your shelf brackets (mine called for 4 screws--yours might call for 2}
  5. Hammer
  6. Drill
  7. Level

1. Hang your shelf bracket, using your level and the proper amount of screws required for the shelf you use.
2. Play around with the placement of your jars, using the lids. Once you have come up with the placement you like, hammer 2 nails in PER lid. Repeat this step for each jar you use, until it's complete.
3. Fill your jars with the spices you want. 

And BAM!! Just like that, you have a spunky solution to display your spices!!

 **Side view**

**Angled view**

 **Yes, you need yet another view**

 **My beauty!!**

**If you want to actually make your own, then follow that tutorial I gave the link to. If not, this is a good solution. 

I LOVE mine and hope you LOVE yours!!


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