Sunday, April 7, 2013

A fun, crafty-filled weekend

Hey all!!! I've had a busy/exhausting week so I've been pretty mia. But this weekend, I'm back with projects to share.

I headed to Joanns on Thursday, with gift cards that I had been saving up since Christmas, and bought some reinforcements for projects that I have been wanting to do.  I got to use most of these items, but one project in particular had to be put on hold until it stops raining (which is hasn't stopped all weekend!), so a few more items not shown were used for other projects that I didn't plan on doing, but just sort of came up--love that!

 **My reinforcement supplies**

The first project that I accomplished was FINALLY using the leftover yarn from this project for my sweet friend Kylie, and make monogramed wrapped letters for our bedroom door. Got one done in record timing!

**Of Course my letter had to be done first :D**

I took a short break on Saturday and met up with a friend for lunch~and got to where my new favorite pair of pants, just perfect for spring!! And of course since it's been poring up here folks, I had to bust out my fave ol pair of rain boots! Bam! Outfit complete! :D

 **You'll be seeing a lot more of outfit combos with these pants!**

I came home and busted out the other letter and walla!! I finally got the project done!

**Now when guests come over, they'll know that this door leads to our bedroom**

Since I had the yarn out, I decided to use it and make 2 projects that totally were spontaneous. I had just found the idea for yarn balls as flowers (sounds weird) and decided to give it a whirl. I actually love the turnout!!

 **Swapped out the coffee-filter peonies with these yarn ball flowers!**

 But I couldn't just stop at the flowers, I had to make more yarn balls as a centerpiece. So I watched some good movies that I found on Netflix and busted out a bunch in different sizes. I then added them to theese vase fillers I got on sale and BAM! I have a new table decoration!!

 **Yarnball centerpiece**

The coolest thing is, I used a lot of yarn for these projects, and I still have a bunch leftover!! {future project in mind maybe....}

I also had been saving a girft card for Kohls and decided to wander around over there. So on Friday I literally walked around the whole store and finally settled on getting something that I normally wouldn't pay the price for. I ended up with this lovely/cute addition for our home. :D

So there you have it, a fun-filled weekend full of crafts!! My kind of weekend! But what could you say, could make my weekend even more awesome?!?!


So ya, my weekend rocked!! Hope yours was well too!!

Love you all who read these posts!!

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