Saturday, April 27, 2013

Adventures with Baxter Boy

Haven't posted about our little furball Baxter in awhile, but today I come to you with a cute little update on our never-ending energy pup. Since Baxter has passed both beginning and intermediate training classes that Petco offers, we decided to enroll him in a fun class that would let him use the skills that he learned in his training classes, in a fun and exciting "new" way at a different location. What is that class you ask?! 

Beginning Agility!!!

Baxter and I missed his first day of class, due to me being sick, so yesterday was his first day of class. He was really focused on the other dogs at first (because in our other training classes, we were fortunate enough to be the only ones in the class), so we had to get past that. Then, he was a little confused when we walked around the room, practicing to sit on different textures of cloths, and box heights. He did well with the larger boxes but confused with the smaller ones. He mainly was confused when it came to walking through a pile of poles. The trainer is wanting the dogs to have to look where they are going to manuver themselves through the pile successfully. Baxter was more walking around it or jumping over them, but that's ok, it's all a process, which is what the trainer really reminds you of. I really love the trainer~she's great. 

The next step was having them practice going up A frames. I'm sure when I say this, it's hard to visualize, so here's a picture I got off of google images. 

 Since Baxter has never done this before, the trainer worked with us both at first. I held his leash as she held a treat right at his nose level. He was very hesitant at first to get his full body on the A frame, as he just kept his front paws on. All along she was telling me that you don't want to get too ahead of him. Eventually he got his back paws on it and he slowly made his way up to the top, and then she threw down the treat and he ran after it!! I was so proud of him! Then we practiced it on our own and he did not withhold from that moment on! GO BAX!! Here's a blurry picture that captured his efforts in running down the frame.

**So proud of my boy!!**

The next new task was going through a tunnel. If you're once again unfamiliar with one of these, it looks like this:

The trainer stood with Baxter at one side, while I called him through the other opening. Baxter was so hesitant and did not want to go through it. They have one of these at the local dog park here, but Baxter only has sniffed it and left it alone. So the trainer made it really small to start him off, and eventually he came through. The next time she opened it a little bigger and he came through a lot better that time. At the end of the class I practiced one more time with him, opened at its regular length, and he did it without me having to stand at the other end!! So proud of him!!

I'm really glad that we decided to enroll him in the class, because he had a smile on his face the whole time (wish I had captured it!!), and he actually was puckered out when we got home!! WOOT-WOOT (that rarely happens y'all!!).

No other big news with Baxter. Just a lot of praise coming his way from his momma!

Hope you all have a great weekend!! We're gonna be prepping our home for daddy to come home!! YEAH!!!



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