Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Encouragement Admist Exhaustion

Haven't posted in awhile. And just when I thought I was on a role. Oh well, I'm not perfect so there's no real response. However, there is one main excuse: I caught a serious virus, from no other place than work. That's what you get when you work with kids, especially babies. Lucky me?! And everyone says my job should be so much fun-all the baby snuggles. And although those {few} times are priceless, this is the main thing I hate about it. But oh well. I'm still struggling to let it pass, but I'm better enough to make it to work.

At the beginning of catching this virus, my Mother-in-law came into town to keep me company and help me with anything with the house that I needed, in preparation for Adam's return. I was so bummed to catch a virus, because I had been looking forward to her arrival since she first told me she booked her trip! However, we made the most of our extended weekend with each other.

The main thing I wanted help with was filling my planter that my father and I had built during his visit in February. I haven't shared my planter with you all, I have been waiting to share it. My dad built one for for my grandma, so he helped me make one during his visit, and man, it was so easy and I love it!!  

 **My raised diy garden bed**

So we made numerous trips to Home Depot for soil. Man, it took a lot of soil and dirt to fill! We used half soil and half dirt. Fortunately, one bonus with our new home, is if we need dirt for any reason, you just go to any random place in the property and dig up some dirt-which is exactly what we did! Love it!

We analyzing all the veggies that I'm growing, we realized that I needed another garden bed for the climbing veggies-like the green beans, snap peas, and the tomatoes. So what did we do? We used the resources we had available to us, and put them to use! We looked in the old shed and saw there was a bunch of 2X10's {I believe} that the prior owner had left, and we used them all to make a garden bed that rests against the other one. It will satisfy my need and I'm glad that we could be resourceful!

**extra garden bed**

 I also told my MIL that if we got anything done at all {which we didn't, BUT if we did} than I wanted the shelf that I had bought for above the TV to be put up. So glad she was here to help me with it, because I couldn't get it hung for the life of me a couple weeks prior. With her help, and the help of the good ol' stud finder she brought with her, we accomplished that task!! YEAH!! So glad it finally got done!!

**Shelf above the TV**

**Another view**

I wanted to make sure that we got some fun included in our weekend. On Saturday I took her to one of my favorite restaurants that has quickly become a score with each guest I bring, called Barbies. It's right on the water in Seabeck, and on a clear day has a beautiful view of the Olympic Mountains. I LOVE IT!! I love everything about this restaurant. From the cutesy decor, to the food, the price of the food, and the prime location; it's easily become my fave! We ate our lunch and then walked along the pier. We were looking out on the water, just marveling over how beautiful the day was, when my phone rang, and it was none other than my Sailor!! Perfect timing!! We both got to chat with him, which was so nice. Always nice to hear his voice! While she was talking to him, I started to notice all these star fish. More and more started to come into view they were big and colorful, and everywhere! So cool!

**A snap shot into our afternoon**

My MIL told me when she first got to my house that she really wanted to see some deer while she was here. I told her that I hadn't really seen much deer lately. On Sunday she took Baxter on a walk while I was resting. I couldn't really rest after a while, and something tugged at me to look out the window and guess what I saw??!!?? TWO DEER!! I felt so bad for my MIL because of all the things she wanted to do/see, the deer came when she was gone. I felt so bad. I had to capture them for her.

 **The deer came peacefully up our property and got pretty close!!**

All-in-all, we had a beautiful time together and I'm glad she was able to come and for us to share in fellowship with each other. I have been so blessed with people being so willing to come and help me out while Adam has been gone, it's been really humbling. I've had Adam's Aunt be the first to help me out with the painting {such a gruesome project; thankful for her expertise!!}; my mom and aunt come and get the house more "livable;" my father-in-law come and help me move; my dad come and help me with a lot of house projects, and now my mother-in-law with outdoor projects and keeping me company. Plus, this does not include all the friends that have helped me out too!!! I'm so thankful for each of their help and the giving up of their time to help me. I truly can say through each other their help, all in different ways, it has been a part of God's protection and how He has vowed to watch over me~He truly has not left my side throughout this whole deployment. So comforting to look back and truly see!

I missed a whole week of work due to me being sick-and I hated it! Man, I got serious stir crazy! I didn't have strength to do anything. Literally, I got tired just walking to go to the bathroom. Yup, that got old pretty quick, but lasted pretty much all week.

 **Poor pup was a trooper! This is what we did all week.**

I was able to get only one project done during the week in the midst of a random spruce of energy. I got a yard stick from Lowes for 50 cents {with my military discount} and put some of my extra corks {remember them from this post?} to good ol' use. This is a less than Five Minute Craft!! All you do is hot glue the corks to the yard stick and then screw in the yard stick to where you want it on your wall {but leave the top space and bottom space open so you can screw to the wall, then once you screw it to the wall, hot glue corks to both spots-easy peasy!!}. So I now have a place to hang pics and memories too! Love it!!

**My Cork yard stick, with a picture of my bunny niece to start it off!**

By the time it was the weekend, I started to slowly gain back some much needed energy. I had planned a month ago for my old room mate and friend from college to come over and help me with some curtains for my living room. I finally decided on what fabric to use. I decided on my new favorite material. Can you guess?!?? 

BURLAP!!! So I went to Joann's, since they were having such an awesome coupon deal-50% off!!!- and got my supplies.

**7.5 yards of Burlap. Burlap crazy anyone?!?! NO WAY!!**

The curtains were so easy to make {and have I mentioned CHEAP!!!}, using this easy tutorial {thank you Pinterest!!}, but I'm really glad I had her help and fellowship for this project. We can now say that we are stictch-witchery experts lol!! The curtains came out better than we thought they would, and I am so pleased with the results!! {Although I have realized that I will need to add some white fabric behind them so you can't see inside from outside} I'm going to add some white ribbon to the top to make them cutesy and get some more ribbon to tie them back too.

**Our new living room curtains, using burlap. Not the best picture, but it's good enough.**

I have a BUNCH of burlap leftover, which I am secretly thankful for and which what I planned for too :D So I made two more projects that I have been wanting to do, and one that is easily my fave 5 minute craft!!

**Burlap, dry erase picture frame**

All you need for this less than Five Minute Craft is: a picture frame {of your choice}, a piece of Burlap the size of your frame, scissors to cut the Burlap, and a cute flower {if you want-I got this one at Micheals, came in a pack of 6} to hot glue to the outside of your frame. Did I say EASY!!! Write any quote on the frame.

**Burlap-lined basket**

I love the results these two very easy projects yielded!!

Towards the end of my weekend I got my first phone call from my Sailor FROM HIS ACTUAL PHONE!!! If you don't know what this means, this is a big deal, because it means that my Sailor is in US waters, as he's currently in Hawaii.

 **What a nice Aloha greating from him!!!**

Wow. What a blessing!! Can't believe how fast this deployment has gone by, and so thankful for the little amount of time we have left. I am so excited for next week!!!!!!!!! EEEEKKKK!!!

I am so thankful that I am on my way to recovery with this stupid virus!! Cheers for a bunch of projects I'm gonna get done within the next week!!


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