Hope For Military Wives

It's been said before that a military wife is the toughest job in the military. I would agree with that statement 100%. We have to be the backbone of the family, keeping up camp at home, while keeping a safe face to the world, while staying positive for our own sanity and well-being, all while giving 100% support to our military man. It ain't easy. Every day is a challenge, but fortunately, every day is a brand-new day. It's not something that we can change, but rather is something that we have to learn to deal with. My friend Marie, at Home Is Where The Heart Is and I teamed up to write a series of blog posts that deal with the issues that military wives have to deal with; to not only bring you hope and encouragement if you are a military wife, but also bring you ways to encourage those friends who you know are, if you are not a military wife. All-in-all, this series is for everyone, and we are excited to launch it!! :D
This is the first of hopefully many series we do. :)

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