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Almost four years ago this one guy messaged me on Myspace. You know, back when Myspace was cool and all. Well I clicked on his message, read it, and decided to respond. His message wasn't cheesy or seductive, or even creepy, which is what people might think. Rather, it was him simply just asking to get to know me, about my faith, and my interests. That message turned into another, then the messaging turned into being every night, to twice a day, then to any time we both were free and were by a computer. Before we knew it we had exchanged phone numbers and we actually got to hear each others voices!!! We then talked on the phone for a month, literally whenever we got the chance to.

By this time, it had been two months since the initial first message. We both thought this to be appropriate for meeting each other in person, since we really had gotten to know each other pretty well via the computer and telephone. We decided to meet about half way (but closer to me :) at a Restaurant near my house called Legends. Just as a side note, I still get the goose bumps every time I go to the restaurant and see what we now call "our booth." (On our second year of dating Anniversary, we reenacted our first date by going to Legends, on this post.). Believe it or not people, this was the only day in our relationship thus far that Adam has ever been late (and I still tease him about it) because he got lost (even though my directions were clear). So while I waited for him I kept looking at every guy who walked in and thought "Is that him?" (because his profile picture was not a very clear picture and I had no real idea what he looked like). Honestly, this happened for 20 minutes until he arrived and I instantly knew it was him walking in. He sat down and oh boy I knew he was nervous (so was I, I mean this was a "stranger."). We started to talk and things were going smooth. We both ordered the same thing (as I was polite enough to wait for him) even though we both were too nervous to eat. After we somewhat picked at our food long enough, we decided to go to this park by my house. We walked around for awhile but I still was not sure about this guy. We said our good-byes and then I went off and went bowling with my friends. While I was bowling, I talked with my good friend Della about Adam. If it was not for our talk I would not have met Adam a second time. She told me that I needed to give him a better chance than the first initial meet (although I probably would have still meet him since I am not a mean person). So I did. We hung out for three more weeks. In the middle of the third week Adam and I talked on the phone for over 7 hours, and it was then that I knew that I wanted to be with him forever. I mean if you can talk on the phone for that long with someone and still not run out of anything to say, you know you have someone extra special on your hands!

At the end of the fourth week, Adam took me to his house to meet his parents and have dinner with them. We played some video games (where I knew he was trying to hold my hand ;) and then we went to Dos Lagos where we walked around for awhile. He sat me down by the lake and he asked me to date him. It's still is a running joke between us, because my response was "Well I can't put you first in my life right now. First is God, second is family, then school, then it will have to be you." He politely told me "I completely understand." If all of you are wondering, Adam has now moved up to spot #2!! :D The rest folks is history!

When we first started dating, it was hard to tell our families how we met. I mean, our parents already knew, but people like our Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, even some of our friends did not know how we had met. I always feared the question that you always get when you first are dating: "So, how did you guys meet?" I was always embarrassed to respond. I mean what was I really to say, "online?" But it was not even online. Online sounds a lot better than "On Myspace," which is how it actually was. Everyone thinks, "Really?" And then if you are talking to the older generation who does not even know what Myspace is, it gets even more complicated and embarrassing. But now that we have known each other for more than three years, and have had to answer this question far too many times to count, I have come to a great realization. Everyone has their story of how they have met their significant other. Some people first meet in a bar, others meet through a job, then there are still others who meet through friends or even go on a blind date. But others like us meet online, on Myspace. This is our story, and we embrace it, because we would have never met otherwise. God brought two people that were similar but had no connections to meet each other "in-person," together through Myspace; and I am so glad that He did! Adam has become my best friend, companion, as well as my one and only love, husband, and now my Sailor! So glad he found me!

Two months after Adam proposed, he told me he was thinking about joining the military. Initially he was looking into the Army, but together we thought that would not be a good option for us. So at that point, he looked into the Navy and we thought that was a better fit for us. We got married 07.16.2010 and have now been married  3 years, and have been separated for most of the time (except for a few months), due to him going to bootcamp, A school, and several deployments with the John C. Stennis. Although I thought our life would take a different turn, I couldn't imagine our life in any other way. Through our separation we have formed an amazing bond with each other, learning more about each other's strengths and great qualities with both have. It's something that a lot of couples never truly learn, but we're lucky enough to have experienced this early on in our marriage. If we can take on 7 months of being away from each other, we can take on anything! If it wasn't for God's amazing strength, we would not be where we are today.

Hope you enjoyed our story and enjoy reading my thoughts, creations, and stories.

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